Club Meetings

Come meet our members, learn about the club, plan upcoming events, hang out, and ride bikes! We meet in the DCC every Tuesday at 8:00pm.


Can’t make it to the meetings? No worries! We keep the discord posted about upcoming events and much more. Whether you want advice on what bike to buy or just a friend to cruise around campus with, send a message in the chat and you’ll be rolling in no time.

Official Membership

Looking to keep it casual and go on group rides? Hop in the discord and you’re set. But if you want to come to races and join us for bigger trips, membership through the Rensselaer Union is the way to go. Benefits include race reimbursements, a free USA Cycling collegiate license, and access to all of our club’s equipment and expertise! Contact our officers at meetings, through the discord, or by email to join. Dues are $60 per year or $35 per semester.