In an academic environment, it can be difficult to find that much needed outlet to clear the mind. It can be even harder to find people who share the same outlet. As both a team and a club, RPI Cycling exists to form a school wide community of people who love to ride bikes. Wether it be racing, riding, fixing, designing, jumping, wheelie-ing, or just staring. The presence of our club team provides a space for all these people to share a common interest, and grow their passion in the sport.

Engineers at our Core.

As students at an engineering school, a big part of our club team is the science of bicycles. Many of our teammates are involved with creating and innovating bicycles and bicycle components using the many different manufacturing facilities available at Rensselaer. We pride ourselves in fostering an environment where team members consistently put their aspiring engineering minds to use, and facilitating the ever important practice of applying what is learned in the class room, to real life.

Club Officers
PositionOfficer Name
PresidentJames Schure – Senior
Vice PresidentJames Zeolla – Sophomore
Vice PresidentCarlton Cummisky – Freshman
TreasurerKevin Chait – Sophomore
SecretaryBenjamin Fitch – Junior
WebmastersJoey Bevilacqua and Ethan Sea – Freshman
Social ChairLuke Hanft – Freshman